Our Taxi Services

We at Bennetts of Tamworth offer a wide range of services aiming to give customers all they could possibly need from a taxi/ private hire company. Below is a more detailed breakdown of all the services we currently have in place to give you, the customer, as pleasant an experience as we can.

Free Ring Back Service
When our driver has reached the location you wish to be collected from they will dial and give your phone two rings. Gone are the days where you would stand with your head out of the curtains, you can relax until your vehicle has arrived.

Our ring back number is 0182759316, store it in your phone under ‘Bennetts Ringback’ so you know when your taxi has arrived

Text Bookings

We now take text bookings, just text us on 07943054444

Within the text you will need to provide us with the following information:-

- The time you would like your taxi
– Where you need picking up from and your destination
– Your name and how many people
– If you have a pram or are a wheelchair user PLEASE let us know


No bookings with a with-held number will be taken
Remember out of area bookings must be paid for in advance

Efficient Computer Despatching

Here at Bennetts we use a computerised despatching system in order to minimise the amount of time it takes for our customers to be picked up. The system keeps a track of the location of all of our vehicles so that when a booking is made it is able to despatch the nearest driver to the collection point.

Credit Card Facilities

When booking a taxi with us, please feel free to request payment using credit or debit card. Because we are constantly trying to improve on the service we give, we are now delighted to be able to offer Credit and Debit card facilities in all of our vehicles when you have pre-booked or if you have got in a taxi from the rank.

There is a £1 transaction charge and we accept all major credit cards.

Round The Clock Bookings

Bennetts of Tamworth are up and running twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. Our friendly and helpful staff are always on hand to take your booking and send you from A to B, whether it be Christmas or New Years Eve we are always open.

Parcel and Package Delivery

Anytime of day or night, any destination in the U.K. It doesn’t matter, Bennetts will be on hand to take your parcel or package to its desired location safely and on time. To enquire about parcel delivery please contact our sales department at the following:-

Email us at: booking@bennettstaxi.com
Fax us at: 01827 64286
Telephone us at: 01827 54444

Variety of Vehicles

Currently our fleet consists of wide variety or vehicles in order to fulfill our customer’s need. When booking with us please ensure that you let our staff know how many passengers will be travelling so that the correct vehicles is sent. We have wheelchair friendly London cabs and Euro cabs which are capable of carrying passengers in their wheelchairs in comfort and safety. To view the vehicles in our fleet, please visit the Our Fleet section of the site